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Ekşioğulları, which was incorporated in 1957 as a sole proprietorship by Tayyar Ekşi, born in 1933, was turned out as a group of companies in 1970 with new companies added in. Through its 55-year background our group of companies, which has mainly operated in construction sector, also both has made various investments to education and health sector and has participated in various investments as well. Today, our group of companies, which has become an international group identity since 2001, has been counted as one of the few international contractors who brought foreign currency to Turkey.
Till 2002, our group of companies, which became one of the well known firms in the construction sector through the unlimited contractor license- being into its possession and its experience, obtained the altered qualification requirements in 2002 and with its tens of million dollars annual turnover has strengthened its prestigious reputation achieved in the construction sector.

Our Group of companies, with its ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certificates, has been certified its quality. Continuing its efforts in order to give this quality to its respected value other than solely a piece of paper. Our group of companies has been putting forth efforts in order to keep pact with developing technology and to react effectively and rapidly by carrying its actions to electronic media
Our group of companies has reflected renovations to its organizational chart. Having a structure considering team work other than classical and multi-stage structure is another source of power of our group. With its structure open to innovations and changes, which enables an ideal working ground for new generations, professionally managed, stating its objectives according to the satisfaction of its customers, employees, and partners, we have no slightest suspicious and worry that our group of companies will be among the most successful companies of the future.