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We, as Ekşioğulları Group, with our experience derived  from being in construction sector since 1957, and thousands of works we have built, our deserved reputation we’ve had in Turkey for decades, and recently world wide as well,  as we believe, has resulted a substantial confidence on our customers constituted of  public and private institutions, and individuals and consequently our corporation, expanding a step forward each day with increasing efficiency, has become an authority in its sector.
With all our efforts to ensure satisfaction of our customers, we have always considered to every single detail, knowing that our work will be used by people and as result of our respect to the humankind, we use every effort to maintain our works at best possible level, and demonstrate every attention to deliver these works with the best required quality in due time and we only seek smiles of people indicating their appreciations against our services.

For us, the greatest award is your, our customer’s satisfaction from us and our works, to show your trust with not leaving us and tolerate our endless confidence in you.

Yes, never once for 56 years we have turned our customers down and we have always kept quality and time with our works. We are happy with the deserved honor of this success. Our goal is to continue our successes not only in construction sector but also with our extended services as well, in education, health care and industry sectors, through nine companies in our group and our foundation. We have managed these new expansions with enthusiasm and confidence and stepped into those sectors with remarkable projects.

We cordially believe that we will succeed, and we are sure that your trust with us will last forever, because we are sincere.

Hasan Ekşi